Health Tip #57


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Health Tip #45


Loving yourself.  I’ve been thinking about this post for weeks.  Unlike the other posts that are based on intellectual material from books and studies,  this post is from the heart.  When I write “love yourself”, I don’t mean narcissism.  For in fact, narcissists,  people who have to put others down, control others or be cruel to others, are the people who have the least amount of self love.  When I write about loving yourself, I mean having an appreciation for the unique soul that you are.  I mean, understanding that, even though you’re not “perfect”, you are perfectly lovable, just the way you are.  You’re okay to be 100% you! No one is you and that is your power. That’s why you’re here. That’s who you’re meant to be.  You don’t have to earn anyone’s love.  Love comes from you and others just reflect it back to you like mirrors.  Do not search for love from the outside.  Do what makes you happy.  By doing what we love, we inspire and awaken the hearts of others.  Do what makes your heart sing and the right people will appreciate you.   That’s how you find love!  Not with some false persona on a dating site that makes you seem “better” than you are.  Be you and the right people will find you. Not everyone will love you.  You’re not for everybody.  You’re only for the right people.

It is your social responsibility to love yourself.  When we love ourselves an interesting thing happens; we treat others better too.  Self love is the beginning of love in the family, which is the beginning of love in the community, which is the beginning of love in the world.

Health Tip #6


This tip has recently been a game changer for me.  Like you, I’d heard this advice dished out many times before.  It wasn’t until I actually started to do it consistently that I started to notice changes in my life.  But how can writing in a gratitude journal improve my health or help me lose weight you ask?  It’s actually brilliant in its simplicity.  The nervous system can only focus on one thing at a time.  You can do more than one thing at a time but you can only focus on one.   So if you focus on gratitude and on what a privilege it is to be alive, in that moment you can’t be making those stress hormones that we talked about in health tip #2.  You know, the stress hormones that were making you store fat.  As humans, when we don’t feel safe we tend to store fat.  Not only that but a whole cascade of negative health effects follow in the wake of the release of stress hormones.  So the more we focus on what makes us grateful, the less we can feel the effects of stress in our lives and on our health.  More about stress to come in a future post.  For now let’s get back to gratitude.

So here’s what to do: get yourself a gratitude journal and a pen or pencil.  Keep them on your nightstand.  Every night before you go to bed or every morning before you get out of bed, or both, take a few moments to concentrate on what you feel grateful for and write it down.  Try to find at least five things you feel grateful for.   What we’re really going for here is to elicit the feelings of gratitude.  Ideally you should feel a slight stirring in your heart.  It should feel good.  Why’s it so important to write it down?  There are couple reasons.  1.)  If ever you are looking for inspiration for things to feel grateful about, just look through your past gratitude lists.  If they were written with feeling, they should help get you in the flow.  2.) The mind is a slippery thing.  It can go from a positive thought to a negative thought in a heartbeat.  You can start out thinking about things you’re grateful for and very quickly become distracted and off task.  Writing it down helps pin the mind down.

Health Tip #1

health-tip-1cWhy?  Why do you make health and weight loss resolutions every year?  If you don’t have a strong enough why, you are not likely to see your resolutions through.  Your why is as individual as you are but whatever that why is, make it a good one!

Your why could be because:

  • You want to be as healthy as you can, to be there for your family. If you’re not feeling well, it is hard to show up and be your best for those you love.
  • As the years tick by, you realize you don’t want to be a burden to your family and you want to take responsibility for your well being so they don’t have to.
  • You’ve come to the realization that by loving and caring for yourself first, you have so much more to offer and so much more strength to draw from.
  • Your medicine cabinet is beginning to look like a pharmacy and you’re taking one medication to manage the side effects of another and so on and so on. Maybe you’ve decided you want to get to the real root of the problem.
  • Maybe you or a loved one have had a scary diagnosis or a close call that has made you rethink how you care for yourself on a daily basis.

You can even create a why if you can’t find a strong enough motivator.  Sign up for something that’s going to keep you accountable.  Sign up for a fitness program with a set goal date or sign yourself up for an upcoming running race.

Whatever your why, start a wellness journal and write it down.  Keep that why in front of you and remind yourself of it often.  Collect images of what you will look like and feel like when you reach that goal and keep them in your journal.  Daily visualize yourself having reached that goal and feel how it feels now that you’re there.

Health Tip #2