Health Tip #24


The Sumo Diet

If you want to put on weight, go on the Sumo wrestler’s diet.  Sumo wrestlers would purposely wake themselves up in the night to eat in order to put on weight.  This is a great way of adding excess body weight because we don’t need fuel while we’re sleeping.  Night fed rats were also shown to put on more weight than their day time fed counterparts. Ideally we should eat before we need the fuel or before we are going to be exerting ourselves.

Eat When You Need Fuel

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?  Our ancestors might have had a big breakfast to fuel up for a day of hard physical labor but if we have a big meal and then go sit at a desk job, that old adage isn’t serving us in the same way.  It really depends on when we need the fuel.  We should try to eat before we need the fuel and not eat when we don’t need fuel.

Avoiding Late Night Eating Problems

Ideally we should eat our last meal  3 hours before we go to bed to avoid excess weight gain, acid reflux and to prepare the body for a period of fasting overnight while we sleep. Staying up late and eating late throws off our metabolism and internal biological clock.