Health Tip #32


Cutting out certain foods and lifestyle habits can be difficult

We have talked about removing a number of things from our diet and lifestyle including dieting, calorie counting, scales and diet foods.  But some things are more easily removed than others.  We have also talked about taking out processed carbs and sugar, refined foods, gluten and other problem foods.  We will talk more about why it’s so hard to stop eating certain foods later on.  Spoiler alert, it’s not your fault.

Adding-in versus deprivation

For now, let’s switch our focus to the add-in diet.  The add-in diet is where we change our focus from one of lack and deprivation, to one of adding in more in the form of experimentation with better dietary and lifestyle choices.  When we focus on lack and deprivation, it only makes us want the thing we can’t have even more.  By changing our focus to adding in the good we avoid the feelings of lack.  The idea behind this way of looking at dietary and lifestyle changes is that eventually, when we add-in enough good stuff, that make us feel better and better, it crowds out the bad stuff that was making us feel fat, sick and tired.

Suggestions for add-ins

Below is a list of suggestions to try adding in.  Some of them we have already previously suggested.  Read through the list and see if there is something you would like to try adding into your diet or lifestyle.  Start small.  Choose one thing that feels doable and realistic for you.  And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your experimentation!

  • pure water (filtered or spring)
  • gratitude journal
  • food journal
  • relaxation practice
  • meditation or visualization
  • healthy fats
  • raw foods
  • probiotic foods
  • variety of vegetables
  • new vegetables
  • salad for lunch
  • low sugar fruits (such as berries)
  • omega 3 foods
  • bedtime for adequate sleep
  • exercise you enjoy
  • time in nature
  • hot bath
  • protein snacks to stabilize blood sugar
  • nuts and seeds
  • upgrade a food to organic
  • gluten-free or grain-free option
  • wild, locally raised, grass-fed, free range animal foods
  • loose leaf herbal tea

We can make up our own add-ins if nothing on this list seems appealing.  What ever we do, we must ensure our focus stays on adding the good into our lives!