Health Tip #11


You know the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Sweetheart.  Life has become so fast paced and “noisy“.  Our foods have become noisy as well (caffeine, sugar and chemicals).  Noisy lives, noisy minds and noisy foods become too much for our bodies to handle effectively.

The best way to combat all of this noise is to keep it simple.   In terms of diet, this just means eating simple, old fashioned foods.  Humans around the world have thrived on a wide variety of diets.  How could humans all do well eating such divergent foods?  The answer is simplicity.  The foods that made the human race what it is today were simple, natural foods.  They were foods that were hunted and gathered.  They were foods grown and raised on small farms and eaten by the people who farmed them.  As the modern, industrialized Western food system and SAD diet (Standard north-American Diet) has spread across the globe, so have the diseases of the modern industrialized world, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.  The more we can concentrate on simple, old-fashioned foods, the ones without a food label, the further ahead our health will be.

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